Pass-A-Grille Parking

So you've driven, or are thinking about driving, to Pass-A-Grille but don't know where to park. We've got you covered! Below are some great places to leave the car and visit the many sights and landmarks Pass-A-Grille has to offer.

  • Parking Meters Hours of usage:

    8AM-8PM All Week Long (Unless Otherwise noted); Parking Free after 8PM
  • Parking Spot Locations:

    • There are parking spots and PayStations all down Gulf Way until 1st Avenue. Be mindful of their location and how much time you have on the meter!
    • Half of Pass-A-Grille Way, starting from 1st Avenue up until 12th Avenue, has Parking Spots with PayStations nearby. From 13th Avenue onward there is no parking allowed.
    • "D" Parking Permits are required for parking on the blocks of 1st Avenue to 7th Avenue. However, after 5PM, 6th and 7th Ave do not enforce their meters
    • 8th Avenue offers FREE 2 Hour Parking from 8AM to 6PM All Week Long. Enjoy as much shopping as you can! Not enforced after 6PM!!
    • 9th Avenue, 15th Avenue and 16th Avenue are the only other blocks that offer Paid Parking Spots with PayStations; every other avenue is either "D" Permit parking or sections where parking is prohibited.
    • There are only a few parking spaces available for the museum, utilized if available!
  • Prices:

    Meters start at $1.25 per hour
  • TIPS:

    • Parking is FREE all along 8th Ave
    • Restaurants in the area offer Free Parking for their customers, unless otherwise stated
    • The North and South Ends for Pass-a-Grille Beach are the easiest sections to find parking. Take advantage of this!